Hey hippies!

Sometimes our photos don’t quite show off our beautiful wears. So, we’re in the process of updating our site, bit by bit. With that in mind, we arranged a little shoot with the beautiful Aimee to model our block print dungas. What we didn’t realise was that Luna, our silver tabby, DESPERATELY needed to be in EVERY photo :’)

She even wanted to be in the group photo! Cats aside, here are some old listings with (hopefully) banging new photos. You can also find some of the backdrop pieces in our homeware section.

We tried to use this Van Gough book as a prop, but she had to sit on it! There you go Luna, you’ve had your 5 minutes of fame! Doesn’t she look beautiful.

This shirt is the only new piece in this week – We know how much you love earthy colours so we think you’ll like it! Strictly limited edition, with 6 of each size up for grabs. Click the photo for the link. Don’t forget students, you get 10% off! Or, join the mailing list at the bottom of our site for 15% off!

The Adorned Gals