Since the UK left the European Union on January 1st, all orders from us to the EU are now subject to import taxes.

How this works:
1) When we make a postage label for your order, we are now required, by law, to fill in a customs form. This has all the details of what you have bought, including price, weight and country of origin.

2) We post your order. Yippee!

3) As the parcel arrives in your country, it will be go to customs. When you buy from us, you are essentially ‘importing’ that item, so they check it looks like what we say it is.

4) They will calculate if any VAT tax / duty owed and bill you. VAT is charged on most orders between €10-€150. Orders over €150 may also incur customs, as well as VAT. Finally, there will be a handling fee for processing your parcel. VAT rate varies depending on the country you are in (see table)

5) When the bill is paid, you will receive your parcel.

The price you paid to us for your order does not include any EU-related VAT, customs or handling fees. It includes the UK taxes that we pay to our government, and your shipping fee covers what it costs us to send it to you. On all sales, we pay around 15-20% in VAT to the UK government, plus other taxes.

We are NOT liable to reimburse you for any VAT, customs or duties owed. If you receive a bill and wish to dispute the charge, we suggest contacting your local postal service. We cannot lie about your order value so you pay less import, sorry. We’d get a big slap on the bum.

If your order arrives and the customs is too much for you, you are welcome to refuse the parcel, unpaid, for it to come back to us. Please write to us and let us know if this happens. We will refund the item cost, not postage, once the parcel is returned to us. This may take 1-3 months.

We voted against leaving the EU personally but sadly there was a lot of fake news at the time. A lot of idiotic people decided we would be better off without you. We knew better.

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