Hello hippies,

A couple of weekends ago we traded at our favourite festival of the year: Festival of Thrift. Set in the North-East of England, it brings together the best in sustainable living and eco-friendly small businesses from this neck of the woods and beyond.

This is our third consecutive year trading at Thrift. The previous two years saw us at Lingfield Point in Darlington, but this year the festival was held in Redcar, just a stones throw away. Neither of us can fully drive yet (failed my test twice, huzzah!) but luckily we had Andrea and her car with it’s sizable boot to fit all our gear in. How gorgeous do the dresses look hanging on the side!

The festival trades on both the Saturday and Sunday; trading hours are 10-5 both days which means leaving extra early to set up, as well as packing up most of the stock and taking it home on the Saturday. And then re-setting up on Sunday. Having a portable shop is brilliant apart from the whole not-being-able-to-leave-it thing.

Our stall was absolutely jam-packed with boho-beautiful wears. Whether you wanted some of our Fairtrade harems, recycled jewels, or a cheap and cheerful nick-nack for your home, we had it! There was colour and pattern from the top to bottom of our stall. Mama bought some incense along to burn during the day, so the combined look and smell along with the hustle and bustle of the festival really gave the whole thing a lively vibe.

Here are some more photos from our looooovely stall. Some of these pieces you might see online too!

And here are some photos from other things going on at Thrift. YEP, you saw right, if you get tired of all the shopping and live bands, you can literally take a break, in a hammock, and be gently rocked around. For free.

And if you really wanted a good bargain, four of the local Oxfam shops team up to bring you a massive stall with plenty bargains. Everything is half price on the Sunday and then from 3pm you can fill a bag for £5!

Some of our lovely customers having a browse. And this dude who had a sick hair / beard combination.


And last but not least, our customers! We adorned women of all ages, from kiddies to teens to your adorable nana. I love selling in person, not in the least because you get to see your customers face to face but because it’s amazing to see who wants to wear our products – you just never know from a name on an order sheet.

Although we’re moving back to Nottingham soon, we’ll definitely make the journey next year. I best just be able to drive!