Sourced in Turkey twenty three years ago this vintage piece is exclusive to Adorned.

Turkish hand made rugs occupy the foremost position amongst traditional Turkish handcrafts. The Anatolian rug is distinguished by particular characteristics of its dyes and colours, motifs, textures and techniques and this piece displays traces of Byzantine design.

Made by artisans this woven silk art will adorn any room in your home perfectly for that bohemian vibe. The design is the most important aspect of this work and although the designs have changed over the years it’s clear that the main characteristics have been preserved.

Every single knot reflects and expresses the thoughts, emotions. culture and simplicity of the Anatatolian people.  This  is a miniature sample of one of these master pieces.

Set in a beautiful vintage gold finished frame and in immaculate as new condition.

Measures 12.75’/32cm by 10.5/27cm

Weight: 640g