Witches In The Woods

Hello hippies,

As a small business it can be tough to keep on top of things. Sourcing and reworking gorgeous garments, orders, ordering, countless runs to the Post Office, as well as accounts, piles of receipts, the list goes on. In the past year or so our clothing photography I feel has taken a little hit. We used to organise shoots with the wonderful Esme Mai every couple of months to shoot a collection of around 30 pieces. In between I’d borrow a friend to shoot a few more pieces to keep the shop stocked up. However, we’ve gone from doing maybe 5-10 orders a week to 5-10 orders a day, and in my haste to release more pieces I turned to the good old self timer and tripod and a blank wall in my garden.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.38.32

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.38.00

So, it was a welcome relief and little kick up the behind when Jenny from Cosmic Drifters got in touch about collaborating on an all-girls shoot. I’m totally in love with all her 90s witchy inspired garments. Herself and partner Sarah design ALL the prints, which takes absolutely hours. The little eco-warrior even has her fabric printed locally and then collects it by public transport, before sewing it into gorgeous garments.



I’ve also been itching to get plenty of reworked pieces made. There’s been a small pile of velvet sitting in my stock cupboard screaming out for some celestial embroidery. Plus I hadn’t made any of my popular tie dye moon tees in a while, so this shoot was a perfect excuse to lock myself away for a few days, put on the record player, and get crafty.



We initially planned the shoot for some time in April, and on the day, after weeks of raining, it was… absolutely chucking it down. Nevertheless, we met up and headed to Swinton Bivouac just to scout out the location, and it was wickedly mysterious and foggy. There are these ‘Druid ruins’ that were commissioned by an eccentric man at the turn of the 17- or 1800s: big old stones surrounded by a thicket of trees, away from civilisation. You feel like you’ve stumbled upon something real special.

When we finally got to shoot a few weeks later the rain had cleared up, the sun was shining and it was time to get snappy. The combination of Jenny’s prints and our reworked celestial pieces just worked so well together. We had the lovely Jodie capturing the magic (and she also drove to Thirsk to pick me up and take us to the location, thank you).



We were clambering over rocks, swishing round in floaty maxi skirts, even making sick beats on pots and pans that somebody had set up on a rope between some trees. Can you imagine? Dressing up in beautiful prints and hitting pots with a stick for my job? Slightly odd but totally fun.



The collection went up this week and it’s been so well received. I’ve even sent one tshirt off to America which is so cool! Working with other people is something I rarely get to do, living in a tiny town up north and I’ve never collaborated with another brand. Having some proper photography as opposed to my white wall is such a welcome change and really inspired me to get on more shoots. In fact, I’ve just done another one yesterday (but you’ll see more about that soon)…



You can catch the rest of the collection over on our ASOS Marketplace.

Sarah x